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7 Healthy Things That Can Be Done Before 9 AM

7 Healthy Things That Can Be Done Before 9 AM


When you wake up in the morning before starting your activities or going to the office, there are at least 7 healthy things that can be done before 9 am. What are those? Keep reading this article!

1. Wake Up As Early As You Can
Waking up in the morning, at least on 6 am, is healthier than waking up late. The fresh and unpolluted air is better for your breathing. Waking up early can also change your rhythm in a day better. You also have more time to do productive things.

2. Drink a Lot of Water
Our body doesn’t consume any liquid when sleeping, so drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated. Water can bring back our body’s metabolism. Don’t let your urine has a dark yellow color, it means your body is having a dehydration.

3. Exercise
Exercising in the morning will boost up your energy to do activities. No need a vigorous exercise, enough with jogging or simple stretching to loosen up your muscle. You have more energy to do exercise in the morning rather than in the afternoon after done some activities. So, it is better to do exercise in the morning.  

4. Have a Healthy Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important mealtime in a day. What you consume for breakfast decided how much energy your body will have. Of course the more natural breakfast, the better, such as vegetable and fruits. You can also consume oatmeal with fruits to get carbohydrate and natural sugar.

5. Read a Book
Reading a book in the morning has several benefits, such as relieving stress and also starting up your brain to work. Moreover, if supported with useful reading. Besides training your brain, it can also add knowledge. Or you can read your favorite novel to start your day with more spirit.

6. Listen to Music
Music can freshen up your brain and it lights up the brain! Think positive and listen to upbeat music that can spark your morning before going to work or on the way to the office.

7. Write a Journal
Don’t underestimate of writing a journal. With writing in the morning, you will be more creative. In the journal you can also make a to-do list of what you have to do for a day. With that, you will have organized activities and can discipline yourself.