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7 Home Business Ideas for Creative People

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15, October 2018

It is possible to make a living from creative talents. However, success requires the creative talent to do more than create, which means learning about running a business and marketing to sell your products or skills. Fortunately, even that can be done with a creative flair.

1. Faux or Mural Painting
The challenge of this type of business is getting clients, as you’re limited to how far you can travel. Further, you have to know the laws and rules about painting copyrighted or trademarked material. For example, is it legal to paint the Yellow Brick Road and Dorothy on a wall in home or office?

However, many homeowners and businesses, such as pediatric doctors offices or child care centers, hire painters to decorate their homes and businesses. To start, you might paint something in your own home or ​free for a friend to create a portfolio you can show to potential clients. Networking with home decorators and home improvement businesses can be a great way to find new clients. While faux or mural painting is limited to your travel area, don't discount having a website to promote your business. Many people use the Internet when searching for local services.

2. Crafts
Do you make potholders, decorative art, or some other craft item? Why not sell it? The trick to being successful at selling handmade crafts is in having an affordable source of supplies, the time to make your goods without burning out, and pricing them to sell.

Once you have a supply of craft items, selling them is just a matter of finding where the market for them can found. Such as craft fairs, consign them in a local shop, or create your own online storefront.

3. Home Decorating or Interior Design
Many people are wanting to fix up their homes. The problem is, many also don’t have the understanding of color and texture to decorate their home. Like decorative painting, you’re limited to how far you can travel in providing home decorating or interior design. However, if you network with builders and home renovation businesses, you can get referrals.

Another option is to add home staging to your service menu. As a home stager, you help home sellers clean, organize and decorate their homes so they’re appealing to buyers.

4. Gift Baskets
Gift baskets make great presents for just about everyone. The types of gift baskets you make are only limited by your creativity. Most gift baskets can be sold online, although you may have to check laws about mailing alcohol like wine basket. Other options for selling your gift baskets include craft and trade shows, consigning at local shops, a catalog to local businesses, and through word-of-mouth.

5. Web and Graphic Design
More and more freelancers and businesses are going online to promote themselves, but many don’t have the time or knowledge to build a website or create needed logos and graphics, Instead, they hire a designer.

Because this type of art is Internet-based, you can find clients from all over the world. Many companies and freelance sites have jobs and projects available to apply to soon. Once you have a portfolio, you can decide to narrow your niche, such as working only for non-profits or setting up WordPress sites.

6. Photography
If you have a capability for taking a great picture, a photography business could be your ideal home business option. There are several ways to make money from photography. One is to offer portrait services to people or pets. Another option is to take pictures at events, such as weddings. Finally, if you like to photograph a variety of things, you can sell your pictures online.

7. Writing
There are many ways to make money from home writing, such as freelance writing articles, ghostwriting (writing literary or journalistic works, speeches, or other texts that are officially credited to another person as the author), or copywriting. But the option that provides the most freedom for artistic expression is fiction writing.

At one time, to sell your book, you needed an agent and a publisher, but today, self-publishing is easier and more affordable, making it easy to get your book published. Whether you self- or traditionally publish, marketing is crucial to your success. That starts with building an author platform and developing a book marketing plan.

Another way to have control over your writing is through blogging, in which you can choose any topic you desire. But, it should be something other people want to know about or are interested in.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.