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7 Simple Ways to Healthy Life

7 Simple Ways to Healthy Life


All kinds of pollutant in Jakarta, such as the uncontrolled air pollution from motor vehicles and water contamination from factory waste, are indeed a serious problem. But don’t be pessimistic! Here are the tips for you to have healthy life in Jakarta.

1. Drink Water Regularly
It seems to be a global knowledge that drinking water regularly will bring goodness for your health. Yes, the water contamination may make you worry of the mineral water condition. But with the trusted brands of mineral water, you don’t have to worry for the quality. Drinking water regularly will make you well-hydrated because it helps the oxygen supply to your brain.

2. Have Time to Exercise
Although you are very busy, make sure you have schedule for exercising. For example, just by walking for 10-20 minutes can already make you sweat and increase your metabolism. Give a statement to yourself that exercise is not only for diet people but it is a must to maintain body stamina. Believe it or not, although you will get tired after exercising but it is the exercise that gives you daily energy.

3. Going to The Park
Air pollution can give you lack of oxygen. The right place to have more oxygen is in the park where there are many trees producing oxygen in the afternoon. Try going to the park in lunch time, or if you don’t have time, try to be there on weekend. Just by being there for 30 minutes will stimulate the oxygen in your body.

4. Bring Homemade Meal
You don’t know what the restaurants use for their foods but you always know what you add to your own food. By making your own meal, you can minimally reduce the risk of food additives usage that may be used by the restaurants. If you feel like can’t do it regularly, try changing it step by step for one or two days in a week. Also try to eat out in just one day on the weekend.

5. Go Organic
Many researchers found that organic food is healthier than common food. Although it costs more, but imagine the cost of hospital which will be higher. You don’t have to constantly change it. You can try combining the organic food with the common one to minimalize the cost.

6. Clean Your House Regularly
Dust, dirt, and germs in your house exactly can be the source of illness. Maybe you think it is enough by mopping, swabbing, and washing, but apparently it is not. You have to clean all the corner of your house once a week. Clean all the rooms to the tiniest corner include your warehouse. And then feel the difference of your fresher house.

7. Grow Trees
As you know, a tree is a source of life. By growing trees, you help life to keep going on. Not only to prevent flood, but tree will also give you fresher atmosphere and as the oxygen source for body and brain.