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7 Things to Avoid Before You Go to Sleep

7 Things to Avoid Before You Go to Sleep


If you want to have a quality sleep, it’s not that if you have enough sleeping time means you already have a quality sleep. As Tech Insider reported, there are 7 things that you should avoid before you go to sleep so your sleep doesn’t get interrupted. Want to know what are they? Check out this article!

1. Play with Your Gadget
This first point might seem hard to be avoided, because gadget already becomes a part of our daily lives. But the blue and white light emitted from digital screens can prevent your brain from releasing melatonin hormone which functions to ‘command’ your body to sleep. In that case, try to limit your gadget usage when the night comes.

2. Take Sleeping Pills
Many people assumed that they need sleeping pills to have a good night sleep. But did you know that research says sleeping pills have side effects, such as muscle pain to memory loss. Well, yousurely don’t want it to happen to you, right? So reduce the use of sleeping pills and switch to more natural ingredients.

3. Consume Alcohol Drinks
Alcohol often makes people sleepy after drinking it. But a study shows that alcohol which makes you sleep faster doesn’t make a quality sleep. You might awaken from your sleep a few times because your body keeps processing the alcohol you consumed. Because of that process, you will not get enough sleeping time and you will feel tired because your body keeps processing the alcohol. Your quality time to sleep will be wasted, right?

4. Work in Bed
Experts give advice that bed should have an exclusivity just for sleep. If you do too much activity in your bed, which has a main function as a place to rest, you might have a hard time to sleep. Moreover, if you lie down on your bed while working before you go to sleep. Besides you will get emitted by the gadget, the bed will have less exclusivity.

5. Eat Fatty Foods
When you sleep, you will have a sleeping stage called REM (Rapid Eye Movement). If you consume fatty foods such as junk food before you sleep, your REM stage will reduce and surely it’s not good. If you feel hungry in the middle of the night, try to consume whole grain and protein such as wheat bread with peanut butter.

6. Consume Caffeine
A study says that if you consume caffeine like coffee as much as 600 ml after 5 pm, the caffeine will interrupt your sleeping time. If you consume caffeine, you will have an hour less sleeping time compared to someone who doesn’t consume it.

7. Exercise
Experts also recommend you to avoid exercising in the evening. Because when you do a cardio exercise, your body heat will increase and can cause you sleeping trouble. If you want to exercise, try to do light exercise such as yoga or simple stretching.