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7 Things to Prepare for an Enjoyable Holiday

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26, April 2016

A long weekend holiday will come in a blink of eye! The holiday destination? Checked. Then, what else do you need to prepare? To prevent a panic in the middle of your holiday, you better check out this Check In Jakarta’s article to have a proper preparation!

1. Make a Packing List
“Prepare the umbrella before it rains”. You definitely don’t want to regret on your way of holiday because forgetting certain things that should be brought with. That’s why, you need to make a check list of the stuff you need to bring, then make sure you already check all on the list. For example, if you plan to picnic in a cold area, you have to bring your jacket. Also with medicines to make sure you stay fit in holiday. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen before tanning at the beach!

2. Check the Transportation Completion
For you who bring your own vehicle, check the condition of your car or motorcycle and make sure the appropriate functions. You can start with checking the tire, or just bring your car or motorcycle to the nearest garage to check the parts one by one. Your travel route should be considered well to prevent getting lost on the way. If you want to have an adventure by getting public transportation to reach the place, make sure you have the routes of public transportation plus the maps of your destination. Moreover, for you who want to take train or plane, remember to bring your ticket and complete identity!

3. Make Sure Your Camera Ready
It will be incomplete if you don’t capture the moments or the beauty of nature at your holiday place. Besides smartphone camera, make sure your digital camera’s battery is full and empty the storage of your camera to make room for new photos. You also have to bring a camera protector to make sure it safe.

4. Cheer Up the Kids
For you who bring the kids, you definitely don’t want to be disturbed by them. So, in order to keep the children happy, bring their favorite toys and snacks. All of the supporting stuff to ensure their comfort such as jacket and sleeping pillow will also make them calm in your car. If you take a plane trip, you better bring them the toys that will not sound disturbing so you will not disturb other passengers.

5. Bring Cash
It’s better to provide cash to prevent your loss of time to look for an ATM. You should also make sure whether your holiday destination is a secluded place or a hip place that you can find ATMs everywhere. You can ask your tour guide or browse it on the internet before your departure.

6. Make Smartphone as the Travel Supporting Tool
Smartphone will be very useful for your trip, especially if you want to explore around a city. For example, you can check the favorite culinary or shopping spot, turn on digital maps or GPS to lead you to the place, and voila! You can directly update about your trip on your social media. So, make sure your smartphone’s battery is available with bringing power bank or portable charger for cars. Of course, your internet data package should also be active.

7. Make Sure You Leave Your House Safe
Check whether you already put off the fire source such as stove, electrical source, and water source. Also make sure you lock all the windows and doors. If it is necessary, you can tell the security of your complex and neighbor that you are on holiday trip. But you don’t have to give your house key to them. Just leave your number so they can contact you in urgent needs. If you have pets, you can also put them in a pet shelter so you don’t have to worry about their needs and security. Enjoy your holiday!




Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina