7 Things You Can Find in Ramadhan Month Only

7 Things You Can Find in Ramadhan Month Only


In Indonesia, Ramadhan is such a special month. There are certain special things that you can only find in this Holy Month. What kind of things are those? Keep reading this article!

1. Invitation for Fast Breaking
Fast breaking together with your friends or big families is also an opportunity for a group reunion. From old friends of college, Senior High School, Junior High School, to Elementary School, there might be an event for fast breaking together. Moreover, you will have more often to have the fast breaking event with your office. You can do break fasting by inviting the orphanage, considering it as a social activity and brings merit in this holy month.

2. More Crowded Eatery
Because there are a lot of people come to have a fast breaking moment together, eating spots will be more crowded towards the ifthar time. Even from 5 pm, some restaurants are already full and you will be on the waiting list if you haven’t booked before. That’s the reason you have to come earlier if you want to have fast breaking in restaurants.

3. A Sudden Takjil Seller
On the sidewalks, you will find many of takjil sellers whose not there in other month. Starting from Kolak, Biji Salak, Bubur Sumsum, Es Buah, to fries are available. Selling takjil is usually an additional income for people so they like to open one in Ramadhan month. Even for the college students who go through a fund raising.

4. Earlier Working Hour
In this month, you will have a different working hour and it can be earlier. Then, you will have a ‘battle’ in the traffic jam earlier too because everyone is “fighting” to come home early in order to break the fast with their families. Moreover, because of some people stop by to buy takjil at the sidewalks. Wow! What a moment to test your patience, right?

5. The Increasing of Foodstuffs Price
The price of foodstuffs is increasing sharply and it can even happen in weeks before Ramadhan. Because people tend to stock it at home first to prepare for the holy month. Moreover, they also need to stock the foodstuffs to give it as zakat to the poor.

6. Suhur on the Road
You can also find a group of college students, community, or agency that holds suhur on the road. This event is made for charity by giving foods to the less fortunate people around the street. Are you interested to hold this event? Don’t forget to ensure the safety for yourself and also for the environment, okay?

7. Free Takjil
Yup, the free takjil is not only you can find at the mosque before the ifthar, but also in plenty restaurants and other public facilities such as some salon and spa. Enjoy the blessings in Ramadhan month!