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7 Tips to Boost Your Business with Twitter

7 Tips to Boost Your Business with Twitter


Nowadays, social media is not only a space to have social interactions, but also a media for promotion. One of the popular social media is Twitter. But what should you do to maximize its function?

1. Link It to Your Site
Twitter can be the link between a business and a company. To increase your site traffic, which will give a good impact for your sales, link your Twitter with the company site. Put your site name on your Twitter page so your followers can easily get the detail information of your company.

2. Optimize Your Profile
“You can’t love what you don’t know”. This phrase seems so right for customers. That’s why, optimize your Twitter profile so the readers can easily know what kind of your business is and they can be attracted to your service or products.

3. Promote The Superiority of Your Business
One of the Twitter’s advantage is you can explain the superiority of your business whenever you want without feel like flooding. Even though it should be with a right “dose” of tweets, but the Twitter’s maximum 140 characters for each post won’t make the followers upset. Make a schedule for posting once a day in peak time.

4. Use Twitter Search
Twitter Search can be so helpful to know what’s trending on society. Maximize this program to give relevant topics to your followers. If more people like your tweets, the more chance they will retweet and your company name can be known.

5. Have Interaction with Followers
Having interaction with followers and trying to always care to them will make a good brand image of yours. This is a sign that your company cares about customer and have a good culture.

6. Insert Wise Quote
One of the effective strategies on Twitter is to tweet some quotes by famous people. Choose an inspirative quote and relate it to your product.

7. Involve Influencer
If you feel like the manual promotion process took so long, why don’t you use a service from influencer or buzzer? There is a lot of Twitter buzzer who offer promotion service nowadays, which is good for a company’s sales. Choose buzzer with a suitable category to your product, then ask them to cooperate. For example, if your product is a clothing line, look for fashion buzzer. They will reach your market target and it will make the marketing team easier to do their job.