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7 Trends on Social Media Marketing in 2016

Spectr News Theme Victoria Tunggono
12, February 2016

Social media has become one of the mediums used by businessmen to do their marketing. Quoted from Web Marketing Today, here are the 7 trends of social media marketing in 2016 that you can do, too. Check it out!

1. Video Content 
If you are an active Facebook user, you must have seen the video contents on your timeline. Yup! It has started its own trend in marketing, because the audience can quickly grab the message just like watching TV commercials. There are three types of video content that you can implement, according to your target and product: education video, explanation video, or entertaining video.

2. Pay for Exposure 
Advertising on a social media needs a certain budget. But it will have a benefit because you can get the organic social reach. The trick is considered more effective than asking your relatives to help sharing your ad on the social media.

3. Social Shopping 
If you are an ­e-commerce businessperson, social shopping is the trend in marketing in 2016. By having the ‘Buy’ button, you can make your audience directly buy the product you advertise. This makes it easier for the business company to get in touch with its audiences.

4. Marketing Automation 
Marketing automation is a software platform that designed for businesspersons to control several marketing networks at the same time. This software can do routine tasks, such as sending ­e-mails or status update on the social media. Various options are available on the software, depending on your business needs. 

5. Facebook 
Facebook is still the most dominant social media that rules the social media marketing. But according to the demographic data from iStrategyLabs, the most Facebook users are aged above 55-year old. So if the demography is still on your target audience, start use the Facebook as your business’ social media.

6. Search 
Search here is not the search engine, but of the people who find information through the search feature on social media. It can be searching for a certain photo or video about the product they are interested in. On the social media there are also direct comment or review from other users, and this is the information your audience is looking for. If you are a businessman, start to optimize the search engine search and also the social media search.

7. Mobile Marketing 
Over years, mobile device users are increasing. According to the data from Google, in 2015 there was a record noted that the numbers of mobile search engine user is bigger than the desktop search engine. So, start to give attention to the mobile marketing among other things.

Victoria Tunggono
Victoria Tunggono