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7 Tricks to Face a Job Interview

7 Tricks to Face a Job Interview


For some people, the interview phase when applying for a job might be scary. But actually, with a good preparation, job interview is nothing to worry about. Here are some tricks that you can do so the interview can go well.

1. Imitate the Body Language of the Interviewee

This technique is called mirroring, it is often used to gain trust from the people you talked to and make them feel comfortable. Try to naturally replicate their move, intonation, gesture, breathing rhythm, and others but don’t exaggerate it.

2. Warm Up Your Hands

Make time to go to the restroom to warm up your hands, it can be done with warm water or hand dryer. A dry and warm hands indicate confidence.

3. Pay Attention to Your Appearance

Although this is a common trick, many people are failed to show their best appearance. Cut your hair, have clean nails, polish your shoes, and do other positive things. Wear clothes more neatly than the company told you to.

4. Don’t Lean On the Chair

Only your lower back can touch the chair and don’t stoop your body too much. Straighten your shoulders but don’t look too awkward. Make sure you look comfy and always standby.

5. Don’t Interrupt

Some candidates are too excited to tell their experiences and their skills. If you do so, pay attention and appreciate the person you talked to. Don’t interrupt their sentence because it can be considered as rude.

6. Preparation is the Key

The more you know, the bigger the chance you can answer questions from the interviewee. Find as many information about interview tips, body language, the company you applied to, your interviewee, the industry’s growth, and other things. Learn about anything and practice to answer questions.

7. Say Thank You

Don’t forget to say thank you for the time and attention given at the end of the interview. It is also best to say it on the follow up e-mail.