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8 Fun and Frugal Activities for Weekend

8 Fun and Frugal Activities for Weekend


Weekend is the most awaited time of the week. Because weekend is the perfect time for relaxing and gathering with family or friends after almost a week doing lots of activities. But, there are frugal and exciting ways to spend your weekend. Want to know how? Check this out!

1. Reading Books
Reading books is a fun activity, moreover if you are a book lover. On weekend, you can spare your time to finish a novel that you have postponed. Reading can also make you forget about time. So, satisfy yourself with reading books, short story, articles, or anything you want.

2. Making Scrapbook
For women, making a scrapbook is a fun thing. You can start with collecting ideas and deciding a theme that you like. For example, fashion theme. You can also choose the media, such as manually with paper and other accessories or make it digitally. Well, if you choose the second one, you can try by visiting http://www.smilebox.com. Here you can download and start to make one with the given instructions. When you are finished, you can print it instantly. Sounds fun, right?

3. Writing
Do you like to write? If so, you can start blogging or maybe write your own novel. Why not? While spending your weekend, you can use that time to write anything you like. For example, if you are interested with traveling or food, you can write about it. You can start browsing about well-known bloggers on certain field and learn about things from their blog before starting your own. Who knows you will get inspiration from there. Or maybe you want to try to be a novelist and already have a storyline? It is time for you to pour the ideas from inside your head to other people through writings.

4. Watch Movies at Home
Many people spend their time with watching. Watching DVD can be a fun activity and of course can get rid of your boredom. To have more fun, invite your friends to watch the movie together and order a pizza. So, you can still have fun without spend too much money.

5. Playing Games
Yup, playing game is an exciting idea to do on weekends. If you feel like having a “me time”, you can play console games such as PlayStation, X-Box, or even online games. Inviting your friends while having board games such as Monopoly, Uno, Ludo, or cards at home can also be an interesting idea.

6. Clean Up Your House
Saturday and Sunday are the perfect days to clean up your room, house, and storage room. Because both are the days where office has their off time. So, you can take advantage for cleaning up your place or you can redecorate to create a new atmosphere.

7. Cook a New Menu
Want to try a new menu but don’t know what to cook? Try to find new recipes on YouTube. Try and explore the recipe that you have not tried before, it will definitely make you feel excited and also can improve your cooking skill. Or maybe you want to improvise from the available ingredients in your fridge and make a delicious dish? Why not? It will be a lot of fun!

8. Gardening
Gardening can be done by anyone. This activity can relieve stress and calm yourself. For you who have not tried gardening, it is better to do it with someone who likes to do gardening. Because from them, you can ask many things about gardening. Organic gardening can also be an interesting idea. With that, you don’t have to buy organic vegetables from supermarket which have high prices. Just pick it out from your garden. Simple, right?