8 Healthy Benefits of Durian

8 Healthy Benefits of Durian


Some people don’t like this spiky-skinned fruit because of the stingy aroma. But, there are also some people who really like this durian fruit. Are you one of them? If so, you should know there are at least 8 healthy benefits of durian if it’s not consumed in many amount. Check it out!

1. Energy Source
One portion of durian (approximately 250 grams) contains carbohydrate that can fulfill 20% of human’s daily needs of carbohydrate. This carbohydrate is important for our body’s source of energy. Some athletes even consume durian just to get extra energy.

2. Fiber Source
One portion of durian contains 9 grams of fiber that can fulfill around 37% of your daily needs of fiber. As a fiber source, durian surely has a good impact for your body, especially for digestive system.

3. High in Fats and Calories
Wait a minute, don’t always think that fats are not good. The fats in durian are good fats that don’t have to make you worry about weight. The fats are also good to cast out some healthy issues.

4. Rich in Vitamin C
Yup! This fruit contains loads of vitamin C which is definitely good to fight diseases, reduce cholesterol level, and increase blood flow.

5. Contains Iron and Copper
These substances have functions to create healthy red blood cells. Besides that, durian also contains manganese that helps keeping your skin and bone healthy.

6. Rich in Potassium
Durian which is rich in potassium can help your body to control blood pressure, keep the sodium level, and also regulate your heart beat.

7. A Good Source of Thiamin
Thiamin functions to help the carbohydrate metabolism to become energy and good for your muscles and nerves. In one portion, durian can fulfill your daily needs of thiamin until 30%.

8. Rich in Folic Acid
Folic acid can help you prevent a heart disease and help your brain to function. Besides that, folic acid in durian can help the growth of embryo for you the pregnant women. Another reminder, don’t consume it in an excessive amount, okay?