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8 Must-Try Padangnese Restaurants in Jakarta

8 Must-Try Padangnese Restaurants in Jakarta

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Padangnese dish is such an irresistible dish and always welcomed for Indonesian people who like it. Of course, beside its delicious taste, you can never leave a Padangnese restaurant with a-still-hungry feeling. Agree? Speaking of Padangnese restaurant, these are 8 popular Padangnese restaurants in Jakarta that well-known for their delicacies. Note them!

1. Garuda
When you are in Jakarta, visiting Garuda Restaurant is a must. This restaurant is known with their really delicious Padangnese dish. Did you know that this restaurant is on the list of Asian’s best restaurant by The Daily Meal version? Yup, this restaurant is on the 79th position on that list. You will not get enough of it with your first try!

2. Sederhana Bintaro
Sederhana Bintaro is also known as a delicious Padangnese restaurant and visited by many people. Sederhana Bintaro has branches in almost all Jakarta areas. And it is one of the favorite Padangnese restaurants in Jakarta.

3. Pagi Sore
Well, although it is named Pagi Sore (Indonesian language for morning and evening), but its operational hour is from morning to night. This restaurant is known for their delicious rendang beef. Cooked with exquisite spices and left the tender texture in your mind. Yummy! Many people said the rendang here is different than others.

4. Sari Ratu
You can find the branches of this restaurant in many areas, even in other countries! If you go to Singapore and Malaysia, don’t worry, because if you are looking for Padangnese dish, this restaurant has their branches there. The must-try menu here is the savory Ayam Pop and will make you addicted.

5. Sari Indah
Well, if you read about Sari Ratu before, it is the time for Sari Indah. In here, their rendang is also a champion. Cooked with the secret recipe of this restaurant, makes you want to crave for more portion everytime you go here. Now, you can find Sari Indah in Cipete, Wolter Monginsidi, and also Bintaro.

6. Sari Bundo
This Padangnese restaurant has built since 1967. Although it is already has branches like, everywhere, but the first lies in Juanda area, Central Jakarta, with its authentic taste and atmosphere. So, Check In Jakarta recommends you to try their Juanda branch. It is also crowded by the guest every day, so don’t be surprised if at some hour, you should wait for a moment while to be seated.

7. Simpang Raya
This place is also known for its Ayam Pop and the legendary chili paste. If you went here without trying Ayam Pop, it’s like your life is not complete! Because it is the signature dish of Simpang Raya. But it’s not like you should skip the other menus, such as Dendeng Batokok, Sambel Goreng Ati, and Ayam Goreng which are always delicious.

8. Serbaraso
Different with other Padangnese restaurants, Serbaraso serves Minang cuisine. For the appetizer, you can taste Gulai Kerupuk Emping and Gulai Kerupuk Jengek which is a kerupuk kulit (Indonesian cattle skin cracker) which drizzled with gulai soup. For the main course, there are lots of menu variations you can chose. Such as Ayam Gulai, Rendang Bakar, Balado, Dendeng Lombok, the crispy Udang Galah, Lidah Sapi Bakar, Gulai Kepala Kakap, various choices of vegetable cuisine, and many more. For the dessert, don’t miss the refreshing Es Durian Serbaraso!