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8 Signs of An Entrepreneur Spirit

Spectr News Theme Miranti Devina
19, August 2015

Do you resign from your job frequently? If the answer is yes, maybe being an entrepreneur will suit you more. If you find some of your characters in these signs, you probably should consider being an entrepreneur.

1. Risk Taker
An entrepreneur is so identical with risk. They are brave to take risk in every situation. Even if the success chance is so thin. Also, an entrepreneur is not afraid of failing because they know it’s a certain risk they have to face. They know that failing can give them power to start fresh.

2. Competitive
An entrepreneur, surely, should be competitive. They don’t want to be left behind from trends and always want to be a trendsetter. Therefore, they always put on their thinking cap to create innovative and creative things to improve their business.

3. Have a Big Curiosity
Always learning is an entrepreneur’s principle. They have a big curiosity for new things and eager to learn to make it big. This is triggered by their competitiveness so they always want to know how to defeat others.

4. Confident
Related to the first point, the risk taker, an entrepreneur is so confident. They know they can be the first and they are optimistic of it. Even though they have experienced failing. They believe that the failing experience can help them reach success.

5. Easily Adapt
There is no entrepreneur who hardly adapt. An entrepreneur is someone who can easily be talked to and be discussed with. Their high confidence may be the reason of it. Someone who has the spirit of entrepreneur will know that human resource is an asset that can give advantage in any conditions.

6. Opportunistic
Like we mentioned before, as an easily adapted person, an entrepreneur is an opportunistic one. They always see an opportunity in every moment. Even if it’s the littlest chance, they will keep going for it because they know they can make it big and use it for their progress.

7. Controller
An entrepreneur is a leader. That’s why they like to control a situation or a person. If you frequently like to control your coworkers in your office that means you have such spirit of entrepreneur.

8. Problem Solver
Because an entrepreneur is a leader, they are likely a type a people who solve a problem. They always know how to control a situation which can be direct to a solution. They don’t give orders, but they serve and giving solution.

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina