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8 Small Businesses to Start in Your Garage

8 Small Businesses to Start in Your Garage


You don’t need a fancy office to start a successful small business. In fact, if the story of Apple Computers is any indication, you can start a very successful business right from your own garage.

Though you might need to check your local zoning codes to see if a garage business is a possibility for you, there are plenty of different business options for entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses from this type of space. Here are 8 businesses you can start right from your own garage.

1. Laundry
If you have laundry facilities in your garage, you could start your own service where you offer to wash and dry clothing and other items for customers.

2. Online Shop
No matter how serious you are on work for your online shop business, you need an offic, too. You need a space for keep your stuff to packaging, before it send to your customers. An offline store also needed to make your customers sure about your online store.

3. Cake Shop
Do you love making cookies? Then, you should use your hobby as your promising business. Your neighbours or friends should need cakes for some events sometimes or just to craving their mouth.

In your garage, you just need to show a few homemade cakes. The rest, you just have to makes it when you taking orders. If your homemade cake is good and the price is friendly, your customers should be pleased and would love to promote your cakes to their friends. You can also use your social media to promote your business.

4. Auto Mechanic
Your garage can be the perfect place to start a business where you work on cars. And if you’re  a trained mechanic, you can run a repair shop out of your garage. But if you're not, you can still start a business where you can clean and detail vehicles for clients.

5. Grocery Store
We can say that grocery store or well-known as "warung" is the most ever lasting business, because people have to buy their daily basic needs, and those can be found at grocery store. You can open your own grocery store in your garage. You don't need to sell all basic needs, you just have to provide what people always need at your grocery, such as rice, eggs, sugar, soap, instant noodle, telur, gula, sabun mandi, mi instan, detergent, etc.

Remember to not sell expired items and don't sell overpriced. And of course be a friendly seller, so your customers would love to come back.

6. Photocopy
If your house close to school, campus, or offices, you can use this opportunity to open a photocopy business. You can also completing your business with printing services.

7. Knitting
If you have talent with a needle and thread, you may want to put that talent to work. Your sewing skills can be the key to a number of business opportunities, from mending and sewing custom clothes to creating homespun projects and selling them online. A good number of people are non-conformist and prefer custom made sweaters, carpets, towels and blankets.

The services can be marketed through local trade fair or you can sell directly to local stores. A big growth area, as more people come to appreciate the value in repairing and patching up clothes. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, there’s serious money to be made. Once you get known locally, word-of-mouth should do the rest.

8. Barbing Salon
Another business that is highly thriving and profitable is barbing saloon. If you are good at cutting hair and you know you have time to spare in the evening and weekends, then you should consider opening a barbing saloon. Just ensure that you locate your barbing saloon in a place that is easily accessible to people in your small community and you won’t struggle to attract customers on a regular basis.