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8 Strategies to Improve Charisma

8 Strategies to Improve Charisma


Charisma is something that not every person born with, but a behavior that can be learned. The charismatic people are believed to have brighter career. According to Business Insider, there are at least 8 strategies to improve your charisma. Check it out!

1. Use Emphatic Words
Psychologically, when you speak using emphatic words, that means you can feel what other feels. For example, when a friend tells you about his/her problem, you can say “I understand your feeling”. From the conversation, a strong emotional connection will be formed. And from the attention you give, they can see your charisma automatically.

2. Express Yourself
Whatever you feel, tell it to whoever around you. A charismatic person will do that spontaneously. This can make your feelings affect other person, or it is called as emotional contagion. Spread a positive feeling so others can feel the same way.

3. Talk About Self-Potential
Instead of talking about your achievement, you better talk about your self-potential. This is more interesting because it also speaks about your potential, better than bragging of what you can do. A person with high charisma does not have to be haughty!

4. Mirroring the Person You Talked To
The psychologists say, if two people are getting closer, they tend to mirror each other’s gestures. This is seen as a sign of trust and a feeling of secure.

5. Equate the Walking Rhythm
When you are walking in a group, equate your walking rhythm with others. Study shows that this thing can show you as a friendly and humble person.

6. Use A Nice Body Language
Action speaks louder than words. Maybe those words can reflect a charismatic person. It means you have to show a good body language. For example, when you stand and talk with an open gesture. Avoid putting your hands into the pocket when talking because it indicates that you are not interested with the conversation.

7. Smile
With frequent smiling, you will be seen as an attractive person. Giving a bright and cheerful face will make other people feel joyful too. This can be one of the characteristics of charismatic people.

8. Ask Other People to Share Stories
By sharing stories with each other, you and your friend can understand about each other’s condition. When people share stories, they can make a strong social bond. By asking other person to tell story, it can also indicate that you care for them.