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8 Things You Can Do for Ngabuburit

8 Things You Can Do for Ngabuburit


Ngabuburit is an Indonesian slang for waiting for the fast breaking time. It comes from Sundanese language with the base word ‘burit’ which means the condition when the sun has set or describing Maghrib time, with an affix ‘nga’ which is the same with affix ‘me–‘ in Indonesian or ‘–ing’ in English which means doing an activity. So, are you frequently run out of idea of what to do when ngabuburit? Don’t worry… Check out these tips from Check In Jakarta!

1. Watching Movies
Be honest, you can forget about the time when doing this thing, right? Yes, it’s because of the long movie duration. Watching movies can be on your list of ngabuburit activity. Moreover, there are interesting movies come up in the cinema in this Ramadhan month. Such a coincidence, isn’t it? Or, you can do streaming online movies or TV serial in your house and choose any title you want.

2. Spa
Instead of just sleeping in your house, it will be more comfortable if you get beauty treatments for your body at once, right? You can go to your frequent spa spot or contact a mobile spa. Some of the mobile spa recommendations you can see in this article. http://checkinjakarta.id/article/627

3. Doing Hobbies
Do you like blogging, playing music, playing puzzle, or hunting photos? There aren’t things more enjoyable than doing your favorite activity, right? You can also challenge your friends to have a battle in your favorite game. It will be fun and enjoyable!

4. Shopping for Eid Fitr Clothes
Because you are fasting, doesn’t mean you just be a couch potato on weekends. You can have fun by buying new clothes to be worn on Eid Fitr Day. So, just go to the nearest mall or shopping center! Since it is still a halfway to the end of Ramadhan month.

5. Trying New Things
You can learn new skills such as stitching, learning foreign language, or learning about automotive tools in your garage. For learning the foreign language, you can do streaming through YouTube or download one of the applications for learning foreign language, such as Duo Lingo. You can learn the common language like English, Japanese, or French, to the unique ones like Russian, Wales, and many other.

6. Cooking Food for Fast Breaking
Preparing food for people’s fast breaking will bring a lot of merit. Especially, if you are also fasting. For you who love to cook, this is the time to serve special menu for your family. For you who haven’t got a chance to cook, you can even learn to cook at this time. Who knows that you are actually a talented cook?

7. Light Exercise
Exercising in Ramadhan month is still needed in order to keep your body fresh and fit. You can do cycling, walking, or jogging around your complex. You can also try the fun kinds of exercise such as bowling or doing yoga. Lifting is also interesting for you who want to shape your body while fasting. Don’t forget to match the weight based on your ability.

8. Know Deeper About Religion
Don’t forget to fulfill your spiritual needs. It will even bring multiple merit if you do it in Ramadhan month. Besides reciting Qur’an, you can also read inspiring stories about Moslem public figures you haven’t known, attend discussion or preaching event at the nearest mosque, or do streaming about religious studies through YouTube. Enjoy your level up in this Ramadhan!