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Fine Dining
Fine Dining

9 Recommendations of Indonesian Fine Dining Restaurants in Jakarta

Spectr News Theme Victoria Tunggono
02, March 2016

Are you looking for Indonesian dish with exquisite presentation? Check In Jakarta recommends 9 fine dining restaurants that serve both Indonesian and Peranakan dishes that you must try.

1. Tugu Kunstkring Paleis
When entering this restaurant, the vintage nuance is felt so thick, because the building was used as the Jakarta’s immigration office. The uniqueness you’ll find here is that Tugu Kunstkring Paleis serves historical backgrounds in each of its menu. One of the recommendations is Betawi Rijstaffel. In Dutch, rijstaffel means rice-table.  Rijstaffel is a rice dish served with its side dishes and condiments. There is a story why the menu is named rijstaffel. Long time ago, in the Dutch colonization era, the Netherland’s landlords served rijstaffelin order to respect and welcome their guests. The dish is known since 1910 and it became the common Indonesian dish ever since that you would find everywhere. But the rijstaffel at Kunstkring has a different style and taste because the recipe came from the old times. When you visit this restaurant, make sure you also try the Dutch signature dish such as Hollandsche Kroket and Dutch Style Breakfast. Lekker!

2. Lara Djonggrang
The dishes in this restaurant was inspired from the expedition of Majapahit Empire in the reign of King Hayam Wuruk, the biggest and most powerful king. On his expedition, King Hayam Wuruk and his men were delighted by the food they served in each harbor city. Few of the harbor cities were Sunda Kelapa, Banten, Samudra Pasai, Barus, Cirebon, Semarang, Demak, Palembang, Ternate, Tidore, and Maluku Waters. What makes it more unique is that those were the Nusantara Silk Road, which made the food in those cities had fusion with the food from the traders’ origin lands in Europe and China. The dishes you can find here are including Nasi Kajongan Wayan, Soto Empal Gentong Desa Battembat Cireboam, Sate Ayam Batang Tebu Bululawang, Rawon Iga Sapi, and many other tempting menus. The price for one person ranges from Rp200.000,- to Rp300.000,-. This place can be an option for you who want to introduce Indonesian cuisines to foreign guests.

3. Bunga Rampai
This restaurant has a classic interior design. The building is an old beautiful architecture painted white. The venue is often booked for gatherings or birthday parties. You can enjoy the favored dishes such as Putik Sari Dua Rasa, Salad Kecipir, Iga Cabe Ijo, Ayam Anyelir, Sate Bunga Rampai, Gurame Onje Telur Asin, or Bawal Mutiara Bakar Rica that are ready to spoil your taste bud. Mmm, yummy!

4. Café Batavia
Do you know that the building that is used as Café Batavia was built in 1850? By using the Dutch colonial architecture, the name of Café Batavia was born. The location is right in front of Fatahillah Museum, so it will be easy for you to find. If you are around the Kota Tua, please come by. The restaurant is decorated with vintage Dutch ambience. Basically this legendary place serves Indonesian and Dutch dishes, from Nasi Campur Meneer, Batavia Fried Rice that serves with chicken satay, tempura, and fried chicken, Uitsmijter that is actually Dutch’ signature sunny side up cooked with smoked meat and served with plain bread, Bitter Ballen, and many more.

5. Samarra
If you are a satay lover, you will love this restaurant. Samarra is an Indonesian restaurant that is influenced by Arabian food. Their signature dish is The Satay Parade. The unique thing about this dish is that the idea came from the satay sellers from all over Java and Bali. The satay seller offered their different food in a parade to get their future buyer’s interest. This had created the The Satay Parade menu at Samarra. It contains various satay styles, ranging from the Balinese sate lilit, lamb satay, intestines satay, fish head satay, chicken satay, beef satay, shrimp satay, squid satay, and scallop satay. Imagine all of those served in one big portion. Wow!

6. Kembang Goela
This restaurant is located at in Sudirman area, or to be precise at the Plaza Sentral building. The menu they serve is Indonesian and Dutch food. Although they carry the vintage theme, the decoration has a modern colonial touch. The ambience is cozy and suitable for a business meeting with clients. Few of our recommendations are Loempia Semarang, Bitter Ballen, Nasi Bakar Cakalang, Nasi Langgi Lima Serangkai, Nasi Goreng Si Pitoeng, Dendeng Balado, Ayam Mevrouw Lientje, Iga Bakar Cabe Ijo, and Gladakker. Meanwhile for the desserts make sure you have the Asem Reges, Broeder Tape, and Poffertjes. Slurp!

7. Mèradelima
This restaurant is decorated with a combination of two cultures: Indonesian and Chinese. The thick classical ambience is felt from the door upon walking in. Mèradelima is among one of the most wanted Indonesian-Chinese food list. Name the Nasi Goreng Putri Cina, Ayam Onje, Ayam Kodok, Bihun Pecinan, Oseng Sampek Enthai, Iga Saos Kopi, Empal Bakar Kali Jodo, Gurame 5 Rasa, and Cumi Goreng Orpha as their most recommended menus for a meal with family. Try the Lumpia Petak Sembilan and Salad Entjim as appetizer. Mmmm…

8. Plataran
Having Indonesian food with a classical Javanese touch will add more of the Indonesian ambience to your meal. With the delicious dish that will spoil your tongue, it is beyond perfect. You can get the privilege at Plataran. Located at Jl. Wijaya, South Jakarta, this restaurant has so much to offer from their Indonesian menu list. Kerabu Pucuk Polong, Asinan Sayur Betawi, Lemburi Salad Mangga, and Gado-Gado Dharmawangsa are few of the must-try appetizer menus. If you need to go straight to the main course, have the Nasi Goreng Blacan, Mie Goreng Panjang Umur, Mie Godok, Nasi Goreng Kepo, Sup Iga Asam Kunti, and Sup Jamur Pedas that are as scrumptious. Do you want to try it?

9. Blue Jasmine  
You can say the concept they bring as a semi-fine dining restaurant. The decoration is dominated with white and blue, which gives an impression of both cozy and cute. Their foods are served fresh with its own lusciousness. If you are eating by yourself, order their Lontong Sayur Medan, Nasi Campur Medan, or Buntut Rawon; they all will make you want for more. If you come in a group, you can have the Gurame Goreng Sambal Bunga Kencong, Dendeng Balado Madame Lao, Steak Sirloin Peranakan, Ayam Goreng Belacan, Sayur Asam Iga, and Ifumie Siam that are so delicious to be eaten with hot steamed rice and chili. Mmmm, yummy!

Victoria Tunggono
Victoria Tunggono