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Strong and Functional Wooden Furniture

Strong and Functional Wooden Furniture

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Ethnicraft is a company providing wooden furniture by Phillipe Delaisse and Benait Loos. These two Belgian founders then cooperated with local crafters and started to spread their wings in Indonesia. Besides Belgium and Indonesia, Ethnicraft has their representative office in Marseille, Singapore, and Hong Kong, with more than 50 countries of marketing network worldwide.

In Jakarta, you can visit Ethnicraft galleries in Radio Dalam and BSD City. Ethnicraft stands out on the durability and functionality aspects for their products, from shelf, chair, table, cupboard, and other types of furniture. Ethnicraft uses teak wood, oak, and walnut for the raw materials as they are known for the strong properties for furniture.

Overall, Ethnicraft products can be categorized in three, such as Ethnicraft, Universo Positivo, and Notre Monde. Ethnicraft has a natural character and timeless minimalist design with pointy corners.

Universo Positivo brings a contemporary concept and multifunction aspect in European style. While Notre Monde represents itself with luxurious and elegant mirrors and trays while keeping the traditional touch.


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+62 21 720 7622

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