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A Halal Restaurant with Traditional Balinese and Lombok Food

A Halal Restaurant with Traditional Balinese and Lombok Food

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Do you miss traditional Balinese or Lombok food? Or just want to try for the first time? You don’t need to travel to Bali or Lombok. There is a restaurant in Jakarta will indulge your palate with those food.

Taliwang Bali comes in the city because the owner want tourists or the Balinese and Lombok people who lives in Jakarta or Jakartans who curious, don’t have to try so hard find traditional food from those heaven of tourist attraction.

Although Taliwang Bali serve traditional food, but they pack it in a modern way. Because this restaurant wants to bring authentic Balinese and Lombok food in a modern ambience. As you can see from the restaurant design which is looks modern but homey in the same time, describe traditional houses in Bali and Lombok. During here you will be accompanied by traditional Balinese music which is will make you like you are in Bali.

Most of ingredients they use in the making of every dish are directly come from Bali and Lombok. There are 80 dishes and all of them halal guaranteed. From Rujak Gula Bali, Pecelan Bali, Tipat Cantok, Ayam Betutu, to Es Rujak Rambutan Buleleng.

As the concept, Taliwang Bali wants to introduce you how many halal traditional Balinese and Lombok, and each of them have their own uniqueness. Like Bebek Betutu from Gianyar, Ikan Nyat-nyat from Bangli, Nasi Campur Bali from Kedewatan, Sup Ikan from Sanur, also Ayam Sasak, Ayam Bakar Plecing, and Plecing Kangkung which come from Lombok. Ayam Taliwang and Bebek Betutu are two most favorite dishes at this restaurant.

Photo Source: @taliwangbali

Ayam Taliwang served with Lombok’s famous chicken grilled with Taliwang sauce, rice, and plecing kangkung. The chicken grilled spices seep well and the texture very tender. While sambal Taliwang very tasteful and spicy is not excessive.

While Bebek Betutu served with highly seasoned duck cooked with Balinese traditional spices also served with singkong leaf and rice. The duck meat tasted very rich in spices and didn’t feel fishy.

The price at Taliwang Bali ranged between Rp 55.000 - Rp 115.000 for the food, and Rp 12.000 - 34.000 for the drinks. This restaurant will be perfect for iftar with your friends or family.


Grand Indonesia West Mall Lantai 5, Jl. M.H. Thamrin, Kebon Melati, Jakarta Pusat

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Setiap hari: 10.00 – 22.00 WIB