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A New, Jumbo Squid Meatballs You Need to Try

By Eskanisa R

11 November 2020

Starts from Rp35.000 per portion.

Photo source: oketravel
After a viral Lobster Meatballs, it’s time for another seafood-made meatballs taking over. As the name implies, Bakso Cumi Jumbo, this incredibly filling meatballs became famous among netizens.
Bakso WO’AH Mbak Audi got the spotlight because of the size of its squid meatballs and super spicy soup. No wonder there is always a queue at her shop at Jalan Alamanda Regency Raya, Karangsatria, North Tambun, Bekasi.
The size of squid meatballs come in vary choices, small, large, super large and jumbo. Unlike Lobster Meatballs which covering its shells with meatballs dough, this squid meatballs stuffed with meatballs dough and spice.
To make the experience of eating squid a little easier, mbak Audi gave small cuts to soft and tender skin. There is also a three different soups; red chilies, green chilies, and original one for those who can’t handle hot spicy food.
Along with squid meatballs, mbak Audi also offering Bakso Biasa (Original Beef Meatballs), Bakso Iga (Ribs Meatballs), Bakso Urat (Mix of Beef and Beef Vein Meatballs) and Bakso Urat Maur.
Squid Meatballs cost for Rp35.000 – Rp100.000 per portion depending on size of squid. Bakso WO’AH Mbak Audi open every day from 11 am to 9 pm. Do you want to taste this most-talked about meatballs?  

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Bakso WO’AH Mbak Audi
Jalan Alamanda Regency Raya, Karangsatria, Tambun Utara, Bekasi

Open Hours:

11.00 – 21.00 WIB