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A Sneak Peek at the PlayStation 5

By Eskanisa R

28 June 2020

New series PlayStation with advanced specification.

Photo source: Sony

Japanese multinational corporation, Sony, has been teasing gamers by announce their new console, PlayStation 5 (PS5). As fans predicted, this new console has number of improvements – for the hardware mainly – compared to the previous PlayStation 4 (PS4).
Relying 8 AMD Zen 2 processors, PS5 is known having a 3.5 GHz CPU core which certainly higher than PS4 with its 8 AMD Jaguar 1.6 GHz processors. RAM capacity of PS5 is twice as large as PS4, 16 GB.
Speaking about storage media which was originally using Hard Disk Drive (HDD), PS5 equipped with 825 GB Solid State Drive (SDD) with a great performance 5.5 GB/s. You can also expanded the storage with additional SSDs. In other words, loading games can be shorter for about 2.7 seconds to load a game.
You can also find USB drive as a compatibility feature for any PS4 games to make you feel ease and worriless about losing your favourite games at PS4. In addition, PS5 also ready to spoil games with 8K image resolutions, virtual reality (VR) feature, and ability to read games from Blue-ray discs (through SSD installation process).
Unfortunately, until now, Sony has not revealed price of this new promising console. But it is estimated for around US$499 or 7 million rupiahs.

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