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A Strong Colonial Ambience at Café Batavia

A Strong Colonial Ambience at Café Batavia

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Have you ever imagined enjoying meal with your partner in a vintage fine dining restaurant? Surely the atmosphere in Café Batavia will be unique, looking at the old building that was established since 1850. Before this was made a restaurant, the building was the VOC administrative building in the time of Dutch Colonization. In 1993, an Australian man named Graham James made the Café Batavia and since then the restaurant is well known for its nuance of the past glory. The restaurant is located in front of Fatahillah Building or Jakarta Museum. The ambience and interior is similar to the restaurants in European countries: classic, elegant, artistic and antique. These may be your first impressions when entering the legendary place.

Apart from its long history and beautiful décor, the food they serve has a premium taste and quality. Try the Erwten Soup, which is the soup with pea and delicious Dutch cheese. It is best eaten while it’s hot. Or try The Ridiculous Reuben Sandwich, the sandwich with Bred cheese sauce served with wheat bread and warm German-style potato salad. And don’t miss the Dutch Veal Tender with Apple Flambee and Brandy Sauce which is a Dutch style veal served with potato, apple and Brandy sauce. The meat is tender and the taste is yummy!

Eating here will give you classy food and atmosphere, but if you’re lucky you might meet the Dutch Girl ghost in the toilet, too! The toilet in Café Batavia is designed like a mini studio with artistic photographs covering most of its walls. This would be one of the points of interest for the customers who come here. Are you one of the guests?


Jl. Pintu Besar Utara No.14, Taman Fatahillah, Kota, Jakarta 11230, Indonesia


+62 21 6915973 / +62 21 6915531

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08.00-12.00 WIB (Senin-Kamis), 08.00-01.00 WIB (Jumat), 07.00-01.00 WIB (Sabtu), 07.00-00.00 WIB (Minggu).