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A Top-Notch Sambal of Pecel Ayam at Warung Bu Vesti

A Top-Notch Sambal of Pecel Ayam at Warung Bu Vesti

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The name of Bu Vesti (bu: Indonesian nickname for Mrs) is already familiar in the heart of Jakarta’s youngsters, especially in South Jakarta. For you who have not known, Bu Vesti is the owner and also the name of pecel ayam stall located in Barito, South Jakarta. Pecel ayam is a deep fried chicken served with traditional sambal chili paste, often enjoyed with steamed rice. The humble stall stood in tent offers menu like Pecel Ayam, Pecel Lele (a deep fried catfish served with sambal), Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken), also fried tofu and tempeh. Sounds ordinary? The extraordinary thing here is the sambal taste you must try! Accompanied by a mix of fresh vegetables or called lalapan, you will be addicted to this dish. For having one portion, you just have to pay Rp17.000,- including hot tea! No wonder this stall is always crowded with the guests. Few cars even crowd the parking lot around here just to enjoy the tasty street food. Such a top notch and affordable delights!


Jl. Barito I No. 9A, Blok M, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia (Depan Yayasan Sayap Ibu)