A Wine Before Bed Helps Lose Weight

A Wine Before Bed Helps Lose Weight


Like sip your favourite wines? Do you know if wines help lose weight? Not only healthy meal and workout, wines also help you to lose weight significantly when consume in moderate amount. Recent study by Washington State University, America showed wines have resveratrol contents strongly associated with weight loss. Is that true?

Resveratrol in wines help lose weight by changing white fat into beige fat. White fat have has two different types, neutral fat stored beneath the surface of the skin and bad fat stored around organs.

While, beige fat is an easy fat to burn during workout and turns to energy. In other words, resveratrol in wines has characteristic changing white fat into beige fat, easy fat to burn into energy.

Take this important note, wines can also have some negative side effects when it comes to excessive intake. It shows certain risk factors may increase heart disease and cancer. Based Harvard University study, a glass of wine (150 ml), red or white, 70 percent likely to reduce risk of obesity and diabetes.

Besides that, resveratrol make you relax as well as suppress your appetite. It means, wines you drink before bed help to reduce your bad habit to eat in the middle of the night.

Based on Nord-Trondelag Health Study, Norway, those who drink wines in moderate amount less likely to develop depression than they who never drink it.  

For those who cannot drink wines, can find benefit of resveratrol to help lose weight from other sources, such as blueberry, grape and strawberry.