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This Community Helps Indonesian Children in Rural Areas School Properly

By Isny Dewi R

25 August 2020

ABHI, which stands for Aksi Bahagia Berbagi, is a community with a mission to help children in rural areas in need.

Photo source: Pixabay
There are still many Indonesian children who are less fortunate in terms of education, especially those who live in rural areas. Often their efforts to get proper education are hampered by inadequate facilities and equipment. Departing from these problems, this community is exist to help Indonesian children go to school properly.
ABHI, which stands for Aksi Bahagia Berbagi, is a community under the auspices of the Green Indonesia Foundation with a mission to help children in rural areas in need. The main activity of this community is to distribute aid in the form of school supplies for children in rural areas. However, ABHI also often provides assistance for the elderly and other less fortunate communities.
Initially, ABHI was only founded by four young people with about 20 volunteers. "Initially, this community was a society of small business people who wanted to give part of their income to shared, so ABHI formed a community, by going directly to share with people in need," said Putri Septiana, one of ABHI's volunteers, quoted from
The first event held by Aksi Bahagia Berbagi took place in Lampung on 20 November 2017 which coincided with the World Children's Day. At the event, ABHI provided assistance in the form of 100 school supplies such as bags, uniforms, and stationery sponsored by one of the minimarkets in Indonesia.
Photo source: Instagram @aksi.bahagia.berbagi
Since then, ABHI began to routinely provide assistance to rural areas in Indonesia. Some areas that have received assistance from this community include Lampung, Palembang, Lombok, NTT, Pandegelang, Tasikmalaya, Wonosobo, and Karawang. From the assistance they have distributed, ABHI hopes the children will be more enthusiastic to school.
During a pandemic like this, ABHI still exists to raise funds to help elderly people affected by the pandemic. In addition, this community also opens donations to help provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical workers.
If you are interested in joining this solidarity community, you can visit ABHI’s Instagram account.

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