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Acquire Knowledge with These Inspiring YouTube Channels

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
03, January 2019

Do you find yourself feel bored to watch monotone contents in YouTube? Lucky us, along with a lot of entertainment channels, YouTube also provides inspiring channels to develop your knowledge and improving quality of your life through these channels.

1. Kok Bisa

Pioneered by three alumni of University of Indonesia, Kok Bisa successfully convey popular issues with interesting video full of animation and narration. The goal is to answer people’s curiosity, in simple yet educative ways. In addition, the interesting, attractive animation of their videos hopefully make viewers and subscribers not easily bored hence the issues discussed are quite heavy. Apparently, Kok Bisa has 1,157,636 subscribers with 221 educative videos, more less.

2. The School of Life

Has 4,182,769 subscribers, The School of Life provides bunch knowledge you can learn through hundreds of videos. Experience of the influential people in this world, daily issues, such as how to increase our self-confidence, ways to get rid the anxiety or issues about relationships, all you can easily find and learn here.

3. Big Think

In collaboration with several experts in their fields, Big Think managed to engage at least 2,499,879 subscribers with more than 10,000 videos. Important information in terms of business, daily life, relationship, work life, education and other issues can acquire your ability to think smarter as well as develop your knowledge of various latest issue.

4. Vsauce

Initiated by Michael Stevens, Vsauce managed to engage 14,026,727 subscribers through hundreds of videos in scientific, psychological, philosophy, technology, culture, and other general subjects issue like games. Stevens using academic papers as his background research to provide quality detailed of particular issues.

5. FightMediocrity

The interesting illustrations showed by FightMediocrity make their viewers easy to understand the great ideas always popping up in sudden ways in our daily life. Through videos uploades, you are expected to be able to use any detail given by FightMediocrity to improve your quality life.

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani