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Activate Free Internet Data during Pandemic of COVID-19

By Eskanisa R

06 April 2020

Free internet data to work and study at home during Corona.

To provide quality services people need to run their daily work and study while staying at home during pandemic of COVID-19, some telecommunication operators in Indonesia give free internet data you can easily activate by following these steps.


To ensure your studying activities run effectively, Telkomsel gives free internet data to access “Ilmupedia”. By accessing MyTelkomsel you can download for free in App Store and Play Store, you can use 30GB for 30 days to access 60 e-learning platforms including, Zenius, Cakap, Bahaso, Quipper and Ruangguru as well as e-learning portals from universities in Indonesia such as University of Indonesia and Padjadjaran University.

XL Axiata

Along with Telkomsel, XL Axiata also gives 2GB free internet data per day for their users, students, teachers, lecturers also employees to access number of needed applications including Zenius, Ruangguru, official e-learning sites from universities in Indonesia, and video conference applications to support both working and studying process while staying at home. Simply download myXL from App Store or Play Store, select Add Package, select #DiRumahLebihBaik, and activate. 2GB free internet data is valid for 7 days.

Indosat Ooredo

Through IM3 Ooredoo, Indosat also fully supporting all work and study activities at home during pandemic of COVID-19 by providing free internet data to access digital learning platforms including Ruangguru,, Ruang Belajar, Quipper as well as access more less 60 e-learning portals of universities in Indonesia.

You can easily activate 30GB free internet data which valid for 30 days through *123*369# or myIM3. You can also simply click here to find out more information about free internet data from IM3 Ooredoo.



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