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Add Your Cooking Knowledge with Natural Cooking Club

By Isny Dewi R

06 May 2019

Natural Cooking Club, a community for cooking lovers.

For those who love to eat and cooking, maybe you are interested in joining this community, Natural Cooking Club (NCC). Located in Matraman Dalam, Central Jakarta, the Natural Cooking Club kitchen room is almost every day filled with women who love to cook, especially cooking cakes. One activity that is routinely held is cooking demo. Here, members who come will have the opportunity to ask questions about anything related to cooking.

The Natural Cooking Club was founded by Fatmah with her husband, Wisnu Ali Martono on January 15, 2005. Initially, the NCC was just a virtual world community that became a place to share recipes about cuisines, ranging from discussing how to make delicious dishes, why your food failed, to how to make a food business. Also from the mailing list, many people provide many solutions.

In addition to cooking activity, there are also several other activities that have been made by the NCC, including HomeMade Food Fiesta which is held every year, Weeks Culinary online, cake and cupcake decorating competitions that have managed to score MURI, Tour d'Toko, Tour d'Pasar, member demo, cooking and baking parties, cakes “bakulan”, throwing order, food photography course, catering management courses, etc. Interested in joining Natural Cooking Club? You can come directly to Jl. Matraman Dalam III No. 11 Rt 09/07 in Central Jakarta.


Instagram: @naturalcookingclub

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Natural Cooking Club
Jl. Matraman Dalam III No.11, Pegangsaan, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat