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adidas Runners Jakarta More Than Just a Running Community

By Isny Dewi R

20 November 2018

adidas Runners Jakarta wants people to apply healthy lifestyle.

These days, running has been part of lifestyle. Many people do this sport not just want to be healthy, but also want to socialize, gather around, and sharing. Despite it sounds simple, but some people still confused how to running well. And some don’t know the right ways to running, yet. Some more are interested but less enthusiast because they have no friend to running together.

For those who looking for friends, don’t worry! Because there are a lot of running communities in Jakarta, one of those communities is adidas Runners Jakarta. The new running community in town had been introduced few months ago is part of adidas Runners global community.

Not only gathering and running, adidas Runners Jakarta also have a mission where they want to inspiring many people to apply healthy lifestyle and well-balanced with running. Aside, the community also use holistic approach that can support running perform as well as maximizing benefits people can get.

The community has programs teaching how important to know running techniques are, such as strength training, and information about nutrition. Overall, adidas Runners has five main routine program, Thursday Night Run (running every Thursday night), Sunday Morning Run (marathon every Sunday morning), Beginner Runners Workshop (focus on basic running techniques for beginners), Advance Runners Workshop (teaching ways to running efficiently for advance runners), and the last is Strength Training for All Runners aim to strengthen runners mobility and flexibility.

Want to join? adidas Runners is open for everyone, including for beginners. You can directly join adidas Runners Jakarta Facebook page for further information and their monthly activities. You can download Runtastic app to sign up every adidas Runners Jakarta activities.


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