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Älska - No Ordinary Gift Shop

Spectr News Theme Nadia Latief
03, December 2015

When you walk into this store, you will want to stay as long as you can here. Älska is a shop founded by photographer Nicoline Patricia Malina. The stuff they sell came from her travel journey around the world, such as Japan, Nepal, Tibet, Turkey, Mongolia, and many more. Can you imagine how unique the stuff in this shop?

They are various from clothes, bags, home decorations, kitchenware, jewelries, and carpets. The knick-knacks are all selected by the shop owner and sold in her store in Jalan Cipete Raya in Jakarta, as well as her website.

The visual merchandising in this store makes Älska doesn’t look like a store but a living room of a traveler. The combination of colorful things make the shop looks charming. The shop is a great place if you have a unique and eclectic soul. Besides selling stuff from many countries, Älska also sells local branded stuff. Looking for a unique gift or for your self? You can visit Älska!

Nadia Latief
Nadia Latief