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Affordable Delicious Dimsum in Sudirman

By Eskanisa R

20 Aug 2019

Dimsum Arsif, affordable delicious dimsum in Sudirman.

Dim sum is a Chinese light-bites and eaten all over the world include Jakarta, Indonesia. You can easily find dim sum in specific restaurants which only serve dim sum to roadside carts. You can enjoy with a glass of hot tea or even your favourite coffee, like this one, Dimsum Arsif.

At first glance, you probably see there is nothing different from Dimsum Arsif. Just like other dimsum with roadside carts, Dimsum Arsif located on the side of road, Jl. Blora, in front of Stumpy Coffee to be exact or about 50 meters from Sudirman Station.

What makes people enjoy queuing Dimsum Arsif? It has a thin translucent skin with much filling. After Dari Halte ke Halte tweeted about this affordable delicious dimsum in Sudirman, Dimsum Arsif became viral then they sell for several times in a day. Morning, around 6am, day around 11am or 1pm and in the afternoon.

Besides its thin skin, Dimsum Arsif served with two kind of sauces, chilli and soy sauce. A piece of dimsum is quite big to be eaten in a bite. For 4 pieces of big dimsum you only need pay Rp12.000.

If you want to stopping by, don’t forget to bring your own food container to reduce single plastic use. Last but not least, if you find long queue, be patient, you won’t be disappointed with the taste.

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DImsum Arsif
Jl. Blora, 50 meter dari Sta Sudirman (Depan Stumpy Coffee)

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