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Affordable Guest House near Pondok Ranji Station

By Eskanisa R

19 February 2020

58 Guest House, affordable stay starts from Rp200.000 near Pondok Ranji station.

For those who are looking for affordable stay in Bintaro, South Tangerang, 58 Guest House could be an ideal choice. It simply because this affordable stay which starts from Rp232.000 per night located right next to the exit of Pondok Ranji station.

58 Guest House has several choices of clean and comfortable rooms with modern facilities you need during stay. For example air conditioner to ensure you feel comfortable while staying at room, high-speed internet connection to make you easier connected with digital world, and private bathroom with hot shower.


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Besides near to the KRL station which certainly make you easier to reach various locations in Jakarta, this affordable guest house also close to well-known shopping spots and restaurants in Bintaro such as Bintaro Plaza, Bintaro Jaya Xchange, Bara Grills, Shabu Hachi, Okinawa Sushi, Loobie Lobster, Holycow Steak, all-you-can-eat restaurants like Mijin, Simhae, Pochajjang, Manse and so forth.

Along with that, 58 Guest House also provides their own restaurant, 24-hour room service, and receptionist to help you processing check-in and check-out.

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58 Guest House
Jalan W. R. Supratman Blok G Kav. 56, Pondok Karya, Tangerang Selatan 15225

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Phone: 021 - 7371195