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Affordable Online Business with Affiliate Marketing

Affordable Online Business with Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing business may seem unfamiliar, but actually this business model is already known around us since long ago, but with other name. So, what is affiliate marketing? Principally, this business is same with a commission-based selling but through online business. If you become an affiliate marketer, your job is to advertise the product or service from a site, so people who see the advertisement can buy on the site.

For example, Amazon (http://amazon.com) is one of the sites offering this affiliate marketing program. The steps you should do is are signing up to join the program, promoting Amazon, and then you will get a commission when someone buys the product or service you have promoted.

When someone clicks your advertisement, the link already has your identity as the advertiser. Automatically, Amazon will know that you successfully sell a product or service from Amazon. That is when Amazon will pay you as an advertiser. Easy, right? This business model can be used when you have a site such as blog with quiet many viewers. Affiliate marketing business is a model of passive business because you only be the mediator between the subscriber and the site owner. Interested on joining this business?