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Affordable Pampering Spa at Samsara Spa & Reflexology

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
02, July 2018

At Samsara Spa, you can find complete solutions for body and beauty. Provide with experience, professional therapists, Samsara Spa ready to pamper you with affordable treatments to make you feel better, fresh and relax.

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Offering pampering treatments with traditional Bali and Java massage techniques and Swedish acupressure, every single treatment in Samsara intend to give you maximum benefit for your body, mind and soul. Samsara only use special herb made from organic, natural ingredients, safe for even the most sensitive skin.   

Along with massage, body scrub or totok wajah (face massage to get rid stress, makes a fresh glowing healthy skin), you should try their Holistic Healing Treatment, like Crystal Healing and Tibetan Singing Bowl. Tibetan Singing Bowl used through the centuries to meditation and healing purposes. Tibetan Singing Bowl create a range of distinctive sound for therapy purposes to get rid of stress, increasing concentration also managing high blood pressure.

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Its strategic location, in SCBD area, provide easy access to people and you to get perfect treatments. Samsara is kind of perfect choice after work, so you can come back home with relax body and mind. Samsara also has home spa facility, suit your needs to keep yourself healthy while do not have enough time.


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani