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Affordable Quality Folding Bikes

By Eskanisa R

31 August 2020

From Rp2.800.000 for lightweight trendy folding bikes.

Photo source: Pixabay
Have you read previous article about types of bikes? Recently, biking became a boom, a go-to activity during pandemic. Besides prevent the disease, biking also choose as safe transportation during this pandemic.
Hence, folding bike is quite popular among urban people simply because it designed to folf into a compact form to carry into public transportation. As the name implies, folding bike offering primary advantages over other types of bikes including unrestricted carriage on public transportation, space-saving at home as well as cheaper modal travel for urban people. Here are best recommendations for affordable quality folding bikes you should have right now.

1. United Stylo
Comes from United Bike, United Stylo available in 20 inches wheel which is perfect for traveling around the city or get to the office. This folding bike offering strong and resilient steel frame, perfect size, trendy design you can buy for Rp2.800.000.

2. Texas Police
Offering same wheel—20 inches, this Texas Police comes with a new design, a lightweight alloy frame which also known rust resistance. This Rp3.700.000 folding bike also equipped with 7 speed options to support the flexibility of rider, safety locks, front blocks and bag. You can even fold the frame, pedals, and handle to be stored in your car, home or elsewhere.

3. Splendid 3.0
Pacific Bike’s Splendid 3.0 is one of the ideal folding bike under Rp4.000.000. equipped with lightweight alloy frame, 20 inches wheel, 7 speed options and Shimano shifters to deal with vary road conditions as well as provide flexibility for riders, Splendid 3.0 is your go-to cheaper yet healthy transportation. Handlebar, pedals, and frame can be folded down for practical and compact storage.

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