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Affordable Weekend Gateway at Pulau Untung Jawa

By Eskanisa R

27 August 2020

One of the favorite spot in the Thousand Islands.

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Spending weekend crossing the nearest islands to Jakarta and enjoying mesmerizing views of the beach sounds so perfect, right? Pulau Untung Jawa could be your next family destination this weekend.
Pulau Untung Jawa began to reopen the tourist spots in regards to transitional period (PSBB). You can choose either come from Tanjung Pasir, Tangerang for 45 minutes and cost around Rp30.000 or Kali Adem, Jakarta and Rawa Saban, Tangerang. There is no way for you to run out of fun ideas while visiting Pulau Untung Jawa. You can build a tent to take a nap during the day, swimming in shallow waters, strolling around the beach or sitting on the shoreline listening to the waves while waiting for a pretty sunset. All you can do here as best ways to relax after hectic days.
If you are planning to spend a night longer, you can rent inexpensive home stay starts from Rp300.000 per night. To cut your expenses, bring your own meals, ready-to-eat food from home and cook in the stay.
It sounds like you do not need a big budget for a quick trip out of town, right? Ensure to applying health protocol—mask wearing, hand washing or using hand sanitizers as often as possible while visiting this island.

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