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Against the Gravitation with Playing Trampoline!

Against the Gravitation with Playing Trampoline!

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It seems like only kids that can play jumping on a trampoline. But nope, adults can also play trampoline. And you can even play it on a connected trampoline in an indoor area with almost 2.000 m2 area. Sounds fun, right? Yes, you can find this at Amped Trampoline Park, Kelapa Gading. Not only kids, adults can also play here. Don’t worry, your safety is guaranteed as long as you follow the guard’s instruction.

To play here, you must use special socks that you can buy on the playground arena. For children under 11 years old, they have to be accompanied with parents or other guardian. Visitors under 18 years old also should have gotten permission from their parents, corresponding to the regulation here. The parents can also watch the kids from the audience chairs provided on the side of arena.

Although just jumping on a trampoline, this game also has benefits for health. For physical, jumping on trampoline is an exercise to increase heart rate, which is an important kind of exercise for our health. Besides, jumping on a trampoline can strengthen all of our muscles, from leg muscle to stomach muscle. Burning calories also will be so much faster with this game. Dare to try a fun way to lose your weight?


Jl. Kirana Avenue (Pelepah Raya) No. 88, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia



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10.00 - 22.00