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Expanding the Future

Expanding the Future


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Wandering around Jakarta, you will see a lot of tall buildings, luxurious malls, and real estate with beautiful houses. Many of them are the creations of Agung Podomoro Group. Starting the business in 1969, Agung Podomoro Group started their steps with building housings in Jakarta. Ups and downs of Agung Podomoro Group occurred from time to time until in 2012, they had a great achievement by building 16 apartments, 15 housings, and 16 commercial areas, plus a subsidiary company named Agung Podomoro Land. They also have ISO 9001 Certificate for their hard work and strong commitment.

Either Agung Podomoro as the main company or Agung Podomoro Land as the subsidiary, they have the same purpose which is to give the best value to customers, clients, stockholders, and people in property business. This proved by their international quality of product and service management. With more than 70 properties registered in Jakarta or other cities, such as Senayan City, Kuningan City, Central Park, and Amaris Hotel, Agung Podomoro Group always maintains their professionality and holds their principle firmly since the very first stone laying of construction.


APL Tower, 43rd & 45th Floor, Podomoro City, JL. Letjen. S. Parman, Kav.28, Jakarta, 11470, 11470, Indonesia


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