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Alegrium A Jakarta’s Game Developer That Has Gone Worldwide

Alegrium A Jakarta’s Game Developer That Has Gone Worldwide


A game like Icon Pop Quiz the serial has already attracted many players from iPhone and Android smartphone users. Do you know that the creator of the game comes from Jakarta, Indonesia? Yes, Alegrium is a game developer originated from our country. Their creations are already gone worldwide, including other games such as Slide the Block, Letter Pop Mania, Rob n Roll, and Billionaire.

With a principle of “happiness”, Alegrium has created games with pop colors and attractive design that make it more fun to be played. Alegrium’s games have been downloaded in more than million times by the iOS and Android smartphone users.

The design of games made by Alegrium has an international touch that makes us wonder if the game is really from Indonesia. But if you have played Icon Pop Quiz, you may have seen Rhoma Irama and Indomie noodle brand as the questions of the quiz. Though it has already gone worldwide, Alegrium keeps inserting Indonesian elements in one of their games. For you who want to play new games, you can try the games from Alegrium. Downloading it is also your kind of appreciation to our nation’s creation, right?


Jl. Sisingamangaraja No. 21, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12120, Indonesia