All About Pancoran Statue

All About Pancoran Statue


You may see this statue while passing Pancoran area, South Jakarta. There are 10 interesting facts about this statue you should know. Check this out! 

  1. The real name of this statue is Dirgantara Statue.
  2. The position is strategic as a welcoming gate for people who arrived in Jakarta by landed on Halim Perdanakusuma airport.
  3. The making of this statue was initiated by President Soekarno.
  4. This statue has a philosophy of a sky man. Representing a spirit of bravery of Indonesia’s nation to explore the sky through aviation world.
  5. This statue was made from bronze and weighs about 11 tons.
  6. The height of this status is 11 meters, with 27 meters of the statue leg length.
  7. This statue was designed in 1964 to 1965 by Edhi Sunarso. After the construction was postponed because of G30SPKI incident, this statue was finished built in 1966.
  8. A lot of myths then spread because of the statue’s pose that is pointing to something. Some said it’s pointing to Soekarno's secret wealth, while some other said the statue is pointing to Sunda Kelapa Harbor.
  9. Until now, actually this statue has not finished perfectly. If you look closer, it still has many weld patches connecting one part to another.
  10. This statue has also not been inaugurated. Because when the construction became like now, Soekarno has died.


Tebet, Jakarta Selatan 12780, Indonesia