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All-round Japanese at Kuretakeso Kemang Hotel

By Isny Dewi R

29 August 2019

Hotel Kuretakeso Kemang comes with a fairly thick Japanese feel.

Looking for a hotel with a new nuance that is rare? If so, you should try staying at Kuretakeso Hotel. This 3-star hotel is located in Kemang area, precisely on Jalan Bangka Raya 7A in South Jakarta. Then what new nuance does this hotel offer?

Hotel Kuretakeso Kemang comes with a fairly thick Japanese feel. Once you step into it, you will find the interior of the lobby which is dominated by wood material. But there is also a touch of Indonesia that appears from hotel staff uniform, the uniform uses Baduy weaving. It’s collaboration between the hotel and local designer Amanda Indah Lestari. Reception staff at Kuretakeso also have the ability to speak Japanese.

Photo Source: @kuretakeso.kemang

The Japanese atmosphere is increasingly felt when you find Manga Corner. Here guests who love manga can spend time reading anime comics neatly arranged on a large wall. This room is impressive with manga painting on the wall, warm lighting, and comfortable chairs and bean bags for guests who want to read on the spot.

Don’t want half measures in presenting a Japanese feel, this hotel in Kemang also has onsen (Japanese hot spring). Bathing here is the right way to relax your mind and body. Other facilities that are not less interesting at Kuretakeso include Mezzanine Lounge, fitness center, meeting room, spa and sauna.

To indulge your tongue, this 3-star hotel in South Jakarta provides Kuretake Bar & Restaurant, which is also has Japanese feel. Besides serving Japanese specialties such as Sushi California Roll, Sabaa Grill, and Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll, this restaurant also offers Indonesian specialties such as fried rice. For drinks, you can try the fresh Kiwi Strawberry Sparkling. Not to forget, there is also a comfortable rooftop area with charming view.

Photo Source: @kuretakeso.kemang

Then the room? Hotel Kuretakeso Kemang provides 108 rooms which are divided into Deluxe Room, Executive Room, and the most interesting Tatami Room. This room type is a room without a bed, but replaced with Japanese Tatami rugs. This hotel claims to be the first and only hotel to have a Tatami room. The rate of staying in Tatami Room is Rp. 980 thousand per night. Interested in staying here?



Top Photo Source: Instagram @kuretakeso.kemang

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