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Among Us Impostor tips: How to Not Get Caught

By Isny Dewi R

27 October 2020

Tips so that you don't get caught when you become an Impostor in Among Us.

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Among Us is now becomes the most favorited game around the world, including in Indonesia. This game involves a number of players who are in charge of repairing a damaged spaceship, but among them there is an impostor, whose job is to sabotage and kill other crewmates. The crewmates must find the impostor or, if you are the impostor, you must kill crewmates without being caught, to win the game.
For those of you who just want to try playing this game, here we provide tips so that you don't get caught when you become an Impostor in Among Us, reported from PC Gamer.
1. Vent
Unlike Crewmates, Imposters can move around the map much faster by hopping in and out of vents. You can lurk in these as you decide which room to travel to next, but your sabotage and kill cooldowns will pause while you're out of sight. Before dashing out of a vent, it's worth waiting a few seconds to see which Crewmates are nearby.
2. Report bodies
Gaining others' trust can be challenging, but you can try to frame an innocent Crewmate by reporting the body of a player you've killed. This strategy is certainly risky and can easily backfire if other Crewmates are already dubious.
However, if you've played carefully up until this point and have managed to get others to clear you in previous meetings, hiding in plain sight can work surprisingly well. Similarly, if you're aware that the crew suspect an innocent player, reporting the body while they're conveniently close by helps you to build a persuasive case against them, and removes you from the ejecting line.

3. Watch out for cameras
Crewmates use the security cameras to check up on others. While it's best to avoid killing in view of the cameras altogether, sometimes you only have a few seconds to seize your opportunity. Thankfully, you can tell when a security camera is active as it'll display a red, flashing light. Even when killing out of range of a security camera, if you've noticed that someone is watching the area, it's worth taking extra care to ensure you go through the motions of entering and leaving a room normally.
4. Look busy
As the Imposter, your objective is to sabotage and pick off Crewmates, but you need to have backup tasks in mind to help you blend in with the rest of the team. Pick a few tasks you can claim you've been working on between meetings so you're ready to reel them off with confidence, when questioned. This is a solid Among Us strategy, but it also helps if you're good at lying. Remember that you cannot fake visual tasks, though.
Heading to terminals and pausing for a few seconds to make it look as though you're getting on with your tasks also helps. Others will be watching, and good Crewmates will highlight those who aren't completing tasks in meetings. After you've played for a few hours you'll notice ways in which you can build a convincing defence, while seizing opportune moments to pin the blame on others.
5. Sabotage!
Switching off the lights, breaking the Reactor, and sealing doors are just a few ways that you can slow down the Crewmates and orchestrate a kill. There's a cooldown after executing a sabotage event, so plan ahead and think about how you can target players and get away quickly afterwards. Killing close to vents provides you with an escape route, but consider locking a Crewmate in the room with you to avoid them leaving, or someone else entering and witnessing the attack.
Turning the lights off restricts Crewmates' vision to help you perform a quick kill, even while others are closeby, before you slink off to another part of the ship. You can even trigger sabotage events that require Crewmates to fix the machinery, and then fix it yourself to appear innocent.

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