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Ancol Mansion – Luxurious Residence with Sea View

Ancol Mansion – Luxurious Residence with Sea View


Located on North Jakarta and still inside the Ancol area makes Ancol Mansion have the direct view to Jakarta Bay. This twenty-nine-story apartment building has super facilities such as swimming pool, salon, spa, gym, playground, barbeque area, daycare, Jacuzzi, jogging track, restaurant and coffee shop. It’s pretty complete, isn’t it? It also provides 24-hour security post and CCTV to ensure your residence is safe.

Although you get the unit that is not facing toward the sea, Ancol Mansion still has view that can please your eyes. Around the apartment, there is the Ocean Ecopark, the open green space tourism attraction, and also Dufan scenery to be your back yard. There is also a city view of Jakarta that is beautiful to see at night. Living in this tourism area makes it feel like holiday everyday.

Not just the apartment, Ancol Mansion also has housing. With a safe and cozy environment, the residence is worth to be reckoned as a place to stay. Not to mention its strategic location, that is close to the airport toll road and also leads to the city center.