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Another Instagrammable Sunflower Garden in Tangerang

By Eskanisa R

29 Nov 2019

Taman Bunga Matahari Purbo Kuning, another Instagrammable sunflower garden in Tangerang.

This another Instagrammable weekend destination in Tangerang, Taman Bunga Matahari Purbo Kuning which reportedly opened for the very first time in last October offering you beautiful, and mesmerizing scenery of spacious sunflower garden for your Instagram feeds.

Blooming sunflower in that spacious area would perfectly beautify your selfie with friends, family even your crush as perfect background. Above the two hectares, Taman Bunga Matahari Purbo Kuning has a lot of selfie spots make you will not go home. You do not even lining up in only one or two spots to get perfect selfie.

Taman Bunga Matahari Purbo Kuning opens daily from 7am to 6pm which also child-friendly. If you feel bored going to one to another malls, you can bring your children here but do not forget to use insect repellent to reduce risk of being bitten by insects. Enjoy beautiful scenery of Taman Matahari Purbo Kuning for only Rp5.000 (weekdays) or Rp10.000 (weekend). Strategic location, affordable entrance ticket and provides a lot of selfie spots become reasons why this tourist attraction always packed with crowd.


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Taman Bunga Matahari Purbo Kuning
Jalan Raya Pasar Kemis, Tangerang (Jl. Pasir Awi No. 4, Pasar Kemis, Tangerang)

Open Hours:

07.00 - 18.00 WIB

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