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Answer These Questions Before Starting a Business

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05, August 2019

For anyone who will starting a business, surely they have many plans to be realized. However, the reality is not as easy as imagined. Of course there will be a lot of challenges facing your business while running a business. It takes determination, courage, and hard work in starting a business, both small and large businesses. There are many things that should be considered so that your company can grow and succeed. Therefore, maybe you need to answer these questions below before deciding to start a business.

1. Are You Sure You Want to be An Entrepreneur?
This is the main question you must answer. If you want to starting a business that means you are required to have good enough ability to deal with many obstacles. You have to understand exactly what to do if a problem occurs and develop the company with the right strategy. However, if there are still doubts or fears about the risks that must be faced later, chances are you are not sure and not ready to be an entrepreneur.

2. Do You Really Understand About Your Business?
If you want to make a field as a business, you must have a strong understanding, knowledge and expertise in that field. Because that's what will help you to stay survive. Try to do business according to your passion and talent, so you can live it wholeheartedly even though you are experiencing difficulties.

3. How Well do You Know About the Difficulties?
As mentioned above, in running your business you will definitely find difficulties. However, you can still anticipate it from the beginning. At the very least, you already know what to do if the difficulties come. Yes, it is good to think about how the result will be, but it will be even better if you also think of the risks and difficulties that can happen to your business any time.

4. Is Your Capital Enough?
If you already have enough capital, you might not find a problem when you start a business. Because you can fund your own business. Otherwise, if you don’t have enough money for starting a business you must have a strategy to get capital. It can be by inviting investors or using loan facilities such as Unsecured Loans (KTA). If you choose the second option, choose the smallest interest and submit as you need. So that later it will not burden you when you have to pay off the loan.

5. Will You Recruit Employees or Not?
If you plan to open a small business and get used to being independent, maybe working alone is no problem. However, if you want to open a quite big business and seems hard to manage it alone, you may need employees. To recruit employees certainly requires more money, because you have to pay them. Or if you are interested to invite your closest friend to open a business together, discuss about the business you will running, work division to profit sharing system. Good luck!

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.