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Choices of Anti-Mainstream Menu at Dapoer Roti Bakar

Choices of Anti-Mainstream Menu at Dapoer Roti Bakar

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If you want to taste various toasts that are different from the others, make sure you already know Dapoer Roti Bakar. Being popular since 2011 in Pasar Minggu, this toasts place that has tagline “From world’s best culinary recipe with modest price” offers various toasts with thick bread.

You can find toasts with unique menu name such as Special, Gandum (wheat), Marcopolo that is made from potato, Misteri that is black colored toast, and Selimut Hijau which is a bread wrapped in banana leaf filled with melting jam and pandan leaf aroma inside.

Besides in Pasar Minggu, you can find other branches of Dapoer Roti Bakar in Grogol, Serpong, Pondok Gede, Cibubur, Rawa Buntu, even in Yogyakarta. Apart from its many branches, this place is also open 24 hours so you can enjoy them any time!

What mentioned above are just the types of the toasts, you have to know that the various flavors also come with unique names. Such as Roti Bakar Sapi Bahagia (sapi bahagia: happy cow) for cheese topping, Belgia for chocolate, England for blueberry jam, Amerika for strawberry, Belanda for ice cream topping, to Australia, Mexico, and of course Indonesia.

Don’t forget to taste Roti Bakar Niagara, which served in festive and tempting look with 7 colors of chocolate topping! If you are a durian lover, you will be delighted with choices of menu that served with Medanese durian.

Toast menu with savory topping, grilled banana, rice, noodle, to savory snacks such as French Fries or Omlet Kornet are all available here. For the beverages, you don’t have to worry of the choices. Dapoer Roti Bakar offers various hot or cold drinks, ice blended menu, to cold brew coffee.

Don’t forget to try their Nasi Nampol as the newest menu at Dapoer Roti Bakar. It’s really an anti-mainstream delicacy!


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