Apparently This 4 Foods are Containing More Sugar

Apparently This 4 Foods are Containing More Sugar


To preventing diabetes, many people are trying to avoid some food which known containing high sugar. But, there is some food that you have not known yet which contain higher additional sugar. Check it out!

1. Protein Bar
You may see it seems healthy and contains organic materials, but it can be better if you choosing it carefully. Some protein bar has known contain so much sugar in it. Choose wisely.

2. Peanut Butter
There are some people who might be addicted by peanut butter, because most commercial peanut butter has a good taste. And guest what? This taste is coming from sugar, cane syrup, or honey in it.

If you really want to have healthy lifestyle, you can buy peanut butter that 100% made from beans.

3. Yogurt
You might be surprised when you know yogurt is also including food with high sugar. Do you know that low fat yogurt usually has been added molasses sweet syrup to increase the taste?

It will so much better if you buy plain yogurt rather than low fat yogurt. You can add it with fruits or beans to increase the taste. Simple and healthy, isn’t it?

4. Sausages, Bacon, and Ham
In fact, many sausages, bacons, and hams containing much sugar in it. Worst things, these products also contain nitrate, nitrite, and sodium benzoic.

So, be smart when you choosing packaged food you want to buy. Stay healthy!