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Appetizing Midnight Nasi Uduk You’ll Want to Try

By Eskanisa R

14 January 2021

Fragrant, fluffy rice with vary side dishes at affordable prices!

Photo source: @drhaltekehalte

One of appetizing breakfast menu to level up your mood in the morning is surely nasi uduk (seasoned rice accompanied by various side dishes). It is fortunate that you can also find this menu by the night. One of best food stalls to enjoy fragrant nasi uduk with plenty side dishes is Nasi Uduk Pasar Thomas located in Cideng, right before Tanah Abang flyover.
Nasi Uduk Pasar Thomas known for its deliciousness, make people line up for hours to get the taste of heavenly good nasi uduk including celebrities like Soimah, Gilang Dirga, and Irfan Hakim. There’s always big queues outside the stall even before they open.
Various side dishes to accompany fragrant, warm nasi uduk available here including telur balado (spicy fried boiled eggs), jengkol balado (spicy dogfruit), semur jengkol (dogfruit stewed in coconut milk and spices), sate kikil (cow’s foot satay), urap (salad made with steamed vegetables and grated coconut seasoning), telur dadar (omelette), tempe orek (tempe sauteed in soy sauce), perkedel kentang (potato fritter) and sate ati ampela (liver-gizzard satay). Nasi uduk and your selected side dishes will be served with rice vermicelli, fried onions, crackers and spicy peanut sauce.
Fatimah, the owner offer all dishes at reasonable prices start from Rp 10,000 to Rp 15,000 as quoted by Along with nasi uduk, this stall which opens until half past four every day also serving nasi kuning (turmeric rice) and nasi goreng (fried rice). Would you like to try this nasi uduk?

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Nasi Uduk Pasar Thomas
Jl. Cideng Timur No. 14, Petojo Selatan, Gambir, Jakarta Pusat 10160

Open Hours:

00.30 – 03.30 WIB

More Information:

Phone: 081298833070