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Apps to Improve Your English Writing Skills

By Eskanisa R

13 September 2020

Download these apps for free!

Photo source: Pixabay
Writing poetry or short stories, editing news even creating articles in English are easy to do with these helpful applications.

1. Grammarly
This app available on App Store, Google Play Store, and web version to let you write in English. Grammarly provides grammar checker, proofreading (for premium accounts), and plagiarism checker.
It helps you to check mistakes and give proper word based on their grammar rules. Vary profession including bloggers, professional writers, public relations even secretaries can use this app to check punctuation marks which become most common mistake while writing.
Grammarly also helps you to not repeating same words in an article. It will suggest another word with same definition based on their vocabularies. Last but not least, Grammarly check formal and informal formats for your writing based on your needs.

2. Hemingway Editor
This app help you to write in English properly. You can find on App Store and Google Play Store for free also available in web version. Hemingway using a technology that can correct a whole writing, not only words by words, to ensure your writing easier to read and understand. It also has word prompter that will suggest words as you type, spelling, and sentence structure checker.

3. WhiteSmoke
This app is very helpful for academic writing to detect spelling and grammar mistakes. After being used for a while, WhiteSmoke can easily detect and generate error mistakes you usually make to ensure you are not make same mistakes while writing. After learn the simple process, you can understand complexities of writing to write easy article you need.   

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