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Apps with Transfer to Bank Free Admin Fees Feature

By Isny Dewi R

07 June 2020

Top picture source: Instagram @oyindonesia

Do you plan to send money to a bank account of a relative or friend? If so, you can do it easily through your smartphone and without admin fees by using these apps.

Through the Send to Bank Account feature, you can send money to someone's bank account without admin fees. With conditions, a minimum nominal value of Rp 50,000. Each month, this transaction can be done 10 times.

The method is very easy. Open DANA app, then tap the Send feature at the top. Select the Send to Bank Account menu, then fill in the destination bank information, tap Add New Bank. Then enter the amount to be sent, select continue. You can choose to send from your DANA balance or debit card that is already stored in your DANA account. If you want to add information, you can fill the Write Message menu. Then, select Send DANA, and the transaction is complete and free.

2. LinkAja
If you want to transfer money to a bank account and free admin fees using the LinkAja app, you must first upgrade your account to Full Service. This admin fee free feature only applies if you want to transfer money to the Association of State-Owned Banks (HImbara) including Mandiri, BNI, BRI, and BTN, with minimum amount of money to be sent of Rp 10,000.

How to use it? Open the LinkAja app. Then select the Send Money menu at the top. Select Bank Account. Select the destination bank and enter the destination account number. Then enter the nominal you want to send, you can also add transaction note. After that, all you have to do is confirm and the money transfer process is done.

3. OY! Indonesia
The Fintech app offers money transfer feature to the bank without admin fees via debit card method, virtual account and manual pay. All three require you to connect your debit card first. The maximum limit per transaction with all payment methods is Rp 50,000,000 and the total daily transaction limit is Rp 100,000,000. For transactions using Manual Transfer and Virtual Account methods, their use is limited to only 25 transactions per day.

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